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Maya       Gohill

Conscious Parenting Coach

I'm Maya, a creator, educator, and certified coach of the Conscious Parenting Method, by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

I'm also a mother.  


I understand the deep desire a parent has to raise happy kids who are thriving in life....but, I also know that quite often we feel like we have entered a voyage, to which we have no map!

I'm here to offer a way of parenting that helps quell some of the "how-to" questions of parenting, allowing us to feel more confident, assured, and at ease with how we are parent our kids. I'm here to offer a 'road map' for the journey of parenting.


Conscious Parenting is a revolutionary way of parenting that fundamentally shifts our perception of our kids, ourselves, and life itself. Join me in learning more about what coaching can do for you, and your family.

Why Conscious Parenting?

Being a parent is hard. From the day our babies are born, to the day they leave the nest, we wonder if we are doing things right by them, and for them. We can only try our best. After all, no one gave us instructions for what is, arguably, one of the toughest jobs on the planet!


At some point in the parenting continuum, when our toddler is non-stop triggering us, or our distant teen tells us we are irrelevant....we begin to wonder where the secret ingredient to parenting lies.  From the muck of confusion, frustration, anger, and desperation, we see that parenting the way our parents did, sometimes doesn’t work. And neither does that umpteenth book on how to parent! So what, then?


The good news is, there is another way. Surface methodologies sometimes won’t work because change happens on a deep, deep, level. As deep as the belief systems we have about the world, our children, and ourselves.


Having a meaningful, connected relationship with your child is a simple yet profound step away!


How Conscious Parenting can help you

Learn how childhood and our inner terrain influences how we show up to life and our loved ones. Coaching will help make it clear, and help you to:

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Uncover and heal hidden patterns and belief systems that are blocking deeper connections with your children and loved ones.

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Create an environment of mutual respect, acceptance  & authenticity.

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Understand and attune to the needs of your child and learn how to look beyond the behavior to identify their underlying needs. 

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Minimize tension, anxiety, and dysfunctional behavior within the home.

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Impact change in your child's behavior, simply by altering your perceptions and your energy.

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Identify and let go of behaviors and beliefs that aren't serving you or your loved ones. 

Other issues addressed:

- sibling rivalry

- screen and technology over-use

- defiant behavior

- toddler tantrums and reactivity

- setting boundaries

- meal time issues

- co-parenting disputes

- divorce/separation

- grief and loss

- "spirited" children

- teenage mental health

- communication breakdowns


Contact Me

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Please get in touch with me. I'd love to hear from you.

Tel: 1-403-466-3177
Located in Calgary, AB Canada

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