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What is Conscious Parenting?


Conscious Parenting is a non-authoritative, non-hierarchical, yet non-permissive method of parenting that flips the typical parenting paradigm on its head. There are no hard and fast rules to follow, and no top-down approach. Instead, there is an understanding about what children need to thrive. 


Mutual respect, empathy, understanding, and healthy age-appropriate, boundaries give way to hierarchical, punitive measures.  Conscious Parenting looks at the deepest need of children on a foundational level: the need for connection, empathy, respect, understanding, and the need to see their essence mirrored through the eyes of their caregivers.


Conscious Parenting is not about fixing or changing the child. It is about focusing on the inner child of the parent, and revealing how our early childhood experiences and unmet childhood needs, formed our egoic patterns. These egoic patterns are like unconscious 'data points' and are the foundation of our perspective, beliefs, self-concept, and outlook. We take these patterns into all parts of our lives - our intimate relationships, and especially the relationships we have with our children. 

In order for children to flourish, they need to follow their own inner direction. This can be allowed by a parent only once the parent is comfortable with their own inner world and understands the difference between their conditioned-self and their true, authentic spirit. 

My Approach

No matter where you are, I will meet you there. My role is not to "fix", firstly because none of us are "broken", and secondly because my goal is to ease pressure in your life not add to it by making you feel things are not "right". That's why the keystones of my coaching practice are compassion, and empathy, as well as true attunement to where you're at and what you're going through. 


I understand that change happens when we are ready - at the pace that is determined by our soul's unique trajectory. 


What I will do is offer you a space, imbued with compassion and empathy, that allows you to unfold into your own inner wisdom, at your own pace. I will help you to see what holds you back and I will guide you toward befriending all your parts - light and shadow.


My job is to teach you to be your own witness and guide, by equipping you with tools not only to cope, handle, and manage life's ups and downs, but more importantly to thrive in the life that is yours - as it is.

By melding eastern philosophy with western psychology I will help you to see the framework within which you view your life and the world, and gently provide insight and tools to help you shift towards liberation, fulfillment, and joy. 

My Approach

"I'm a conscious parent when I believe that my child is here to teach me as much about myself and how I need to grow, as I am here to teach them."

                                                               -Dr. Shefali Tsabary

"Maya’s conscious parenting coaching came into my life like a gift from the universe exactly when I needed it. I had been through some devastating moments as a parent and I am grateful for Maya’s time, space, and wisdom. She carefully listens and gently challenges and coaches. I have come away with immediate, practical, and tangible steps to take in the most challenging moments, and they work!  Maya guided me to reflect on myself and my own upbringing so that I could better understand myself and how my words, actions/reactions, and even my body language contribute to the dynamic at home. I am bringing a calmer, more genuine, and understanding version of myself to the relationship with my kids."

                                                                               - Kristi  S.


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