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Re-parenting Coaching

For parents and non-parents. Feeling stuck or frustrated with aspects of your life or your relationships, but are unsure what to do about it? Find out how your "operating system" runs in the background impacting how you interact with your life.  Find solutions to problems that have evaded you until now and take ownership of a more joyful life. 

Parenting Coaching

We all want to be great parents, but parenting is hard and there is no handbook. Our kids trigger emotions in us that usually don't see the light of day making us feel out of control and hopeless.

Coaching addresses the underlying reasons behind this and provides tools to take control of our reactions and raise our kids in a way that allows them to flourish, and liberating ourselves.

Workshops & Talks

For parents, educators, and caregivers who want to learn conscious parenting approaches. Workshops are available intermittently on the Events page. 

Speaking engagements can be booked anytime.

Perfect for childhood educators, parent groups, preschool directors, and other childhood professionals



Single Session 

• For parents, caregivers, and individuals seeking help with a specific issue needing quick resolution. 



• For individuals who want to take it as it comes without committing to a package.   

• 60 min

6 Session Coaching Package

• The standard package recommended for those who are ready to commit to their conscious (parenting) journey and enact lasting change.  

• Designed to educate, empower, discover, and heal.  

• What to expect:

- review of family dynamics and identification of unconscious patterns

- identify areas that are creating disconnection 

- guidance in shifting thought patterns

- identify and heal emotional wounds

- acquiring tools to communicate, create boundaries, and deepen connections

- tangible tools to connect with children and loved ones

6 X 60 min sessions scheduled 1-2 weeks apart

12 - Week Coaching Package

• Designed for those ready for a profound self-deep-dive, who want to create lasting change. This program will optimize your entire physiology and change your relationship with your body, mind, and spirit - most of all your children.

•What to expect:

- deep dive into areas of conflict, pain, limiting beliefs, addictions, and the unconstructive patterns that create a 

false sense of self

- guidance in dismantling the layers of the ego

- learning how to re-parent oneself

- learning to parent from a place of abundance vs fear and control

- learning to exist within the vibration of abundance, love, and gratitude

- examining and healing generational wounds and patterns

- modifying one's relationship with one's thoughts, body, and mind

- re-establishing a new relationship with oneself

(plus everything included in the 6 -Session Package)

12 x 60 min sessions scheduled 1-2 weeks apart

Book a Discovery Call

Book a free 20 minute discovery call to find out if it's a good fit. 

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